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MAFC Members: Please note that day-to-day news about the status of individual aircraft are now maintained at our news page.  

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 Links to Interesting Stuff
  • The MAFC Newsletter
  • Newspaper article about MAFC - May 2006
  • Maria's trip report to Block Island (PDF) - June 2006
  • Member of Note - Art Martone

  • General Membership Monthly Meetings

    General Membership meetings are held the 3rd Saturday of each month, usually at 9 am.  We have meetings inside or outside depending on the weather.  At each meeting we review the status of each aircraft, the club's financial position, items of interest, answer member questions, and then we close with a safety seminar from one of the club's instructors.   The picture below is a summer meeting where we cooled ourselves in the shade.


    November 2004 - Presentation by McGuire RAPCON on our local airspace.

    Sgt Odette Toppin and Senior Airmen Juan Flores smiling after a successful 90 minute discussion with MAFC pilots

    Club Aircraft Wash and Wax

    Twice a year (May and Sept) the Saturday morning Club Membership meetings start at 8:30am (instead of 10am) so that two or three of the planes can be cleaned of grime (and lots of insects). 

    A large catalog of pictures from past plane washes is here

    Monmouth County Fair 2004

    The MAFC participated in Flight-Nite at the Fair.  Several members staffed a tent full of club information plus an instrument flight simulator.


    Lakewood Airport Looking North

    Two MAFC members - proud owners of a Mooney

    Okay - so I'll never again complain about landing my Cessna 152 on a 50' wide runway...

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